Mayflower is dedicated to providing opportunities that promote equity for all members of the community. That’s why we have developed Mayflower’s Positive Impact Plan – a plan to positively impact communities and areas that have been disproportionately harmed by cannabis prohibition. This program was designed with company values in mind and supports the social equity initiatives set forth by the Cannabis Control Commission. This program will generate opportunities for job creation, professional and technical development, and economic empowerment for qualifying individuals. Mayflower will identify partners within target communities to help tailor efforts for the greatest positive impacts. It is an integrated program approach with multiple avenues.

Artist Spotlight

Mayflower will partner with local colleges and art schools near the communities we are located in, to identify students in art programs who have an interest in graphic design, packaging art, branding, and displaying their art on Mayflower’s packaging or in Mayflower’s dispensaries. More information on our Artist Spotlight series can be found here.

Fellowship Program

Mayflower offers a paid Fellowship Program Each semester.  Eligible Fellows from the local community will be given an opportunity to gain relevant skills and industry experience in an area(s) of interest as a registered Mayflower agent. Fellows will be paid, and receive one-on-one training, training manuals and materials, and regular evaluations. At the end of the fellowship, Fellows may be eligible for full-time hiring.

Community Gardens (COMING SOON)

Mayflower will partner with neighborhoods in areas of disproportionate impact near its locations to identify and develop gardens and green spaces within their communities, with the intention of providing cultivation skills and techniques related to gardening and pesticide-free, green processes and sustainable practices.

Skills Seminars (COMING SOON)

Mayflower will conduct industry-specific and business-geared educational seminars on topics like cultivation, product manufacturing,  retailing and business training.  Monthly sessions will be held with members of the Executive and Management Teams, and will be geared towards both industry-relevant and general business topics.

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